mJam's Twitch!
Mu (Mew) a knower of things, not all things, just many things.
Probably one of the biggest Final Fantasy Fans you ever did meet. Mu knows everything about Final Fantasy, guaranteed!! When she's not streaming Dissidia or FFXIV, she plays a variety of games including Zelda titles. She's a really nice person and wonderful to hang out with! Outside of streaming she enjoys basketball and wrestling.

Buttlet's Twitch
Buttlet is a wonderful person and a talented streamer/sound specialist. He plays a variety of games on stream including but not limited to; splatoon, guitar (clone) hero and pokemon! If you are lucky, you will spot one of his adorable pets on stream!

MarcFransen's Twitch
The bus driver of the MF Bus Tour, every Monday you can catch Marc live playing monster prom with his viewers! Marc's special talent is that he is a man of many voices and he incorporates this into almost every stream. When he's not straining his voice you can catch him checking out various racing games as well as the odd PS1 title every now and then. He also likes to do a coop stardew valley stream with fellow resident xSukriNx. In his free time he likes to consider himself an enthusiast of all types of vehicles as well spending afternoons watching anime.