Here are the Chateau's lovely team of residents! The residents are our cherished team members that make this team such a great place to be.

Unknown all over digital space, known as the internet dad. Ana draws and plays games on a very sporadic schedule. Will they ever commit to a set of days? We just don't know!
Anya is the host of the two nerds and one forgotten game podcast! The podcast goes live every Saturday and it revolves around playing and inciting discussion about a game lost to time. When she's not streaming she's either writing for her universities newspaper or hanging out with her cats.
Programmer by day and streamer by night, you can catch Thomas live on twitch usually on the weekends! As a software developer, Thomas likes to work on his various projects on stream but when he's not doing that he's probably cooking a really tasty meal! Outside of streaming he's either messing around making music or spending time reading various sci-fi and fantasy novels.
Buttlet is a wonderful person and a talented streamer/sound specialist. He plays a variety of games on stream including but not limited to; splatoon, guitar (clone) hero and pokemon! If you are lucky, you will spot one of his adorable pets on stream!
Cebeis (see bees) is one of the biggest sweethearts you ever did meet. She is an incredibly talented artist, and streams art streams as well as video games she enjoys! She loves to interact with chat so everyone will feel welcome and feel free to jump into the conversation and enjoy a truly cozy atmosphere!
The bus driver of the MF Bus Tour, every Monday you can catch Marc live playing monster prom with his viewers! Marc's special talent is that he is a man of many voices and he incorporates this into almost every stream. When he's not straining his voice you can catch him checking out various racing games as well as the odd PS1 title every now and then. He also likes to do a co-op stardew valley stream with fellow resident xSukriNx. In his free time he likes to consider himself an enthusiast of all types of vehicles as well spending afternoons watching anime.
Mu (Mew) a knower of things, not all things, just many things.
Probably one of the biggest Final Fantasy Fans you ever did meet. Mu knows everything about Final Fantasy, guaranteed!! When she's not streaming Dissidia or FFXIV, she plays a variety of games including Zelda titles. She's a really nice person and wonderful to hang out with! A self proclaimed music nerd, outside of streaming she enjoys basketball and wrestling.
The first one to join the stream team! They are an absolutely amazing streamer that is a blast to spend time with! Their focus is on variety streaming, always something new and exciting is being played! An all around wonderful person that has a strong focus on chat, its always a fun time hanging with Finn!! When they are not streaming, they are enjoying things like anime, graphic novels and good music!!
Lulu is what you'd call a variety streamer! She has no preference when it comes to what she wants to stream but you'll always have a great time listening to the voices she creates. Singing is one of her favorite ways to past the time so you'll often notice her break into song. Let it be known that Lulu has probably played just about every game in existence and can always provide a plot summary if need be. When she's not streaming she loves to watch other streamers and help out whenever she can!
Ralphrius is a very talented and funny streamer!! He enjoys streaming variety games, and is known for his amazing sense of humor. A wonderful person to talk with, and strongly focuses on chat. When he is not streaming, he watches anime and has really good taste in waifus. (insert Lina Inverse gif here).
Red Ginger Cat is a streamer from Poland and started streaming to practice her English skills. She streams mostly RPGs and funny puzzle games but also tries other games from time to time. She also wants to make art streams in the near future. She is very supportive to other streamers and interacts with her viewers a lot.
Tome is a Zelda superfan! You will find him playing through a variety of more retro games, and speedruns here and there! He's really great at speedrunning A Link to the Past! He loves to interact with his chat, and you will feel welcome immediately when you enter his twitch page. He has a great sense of humor and a really awesome accent ;D. Tome also has a cat, and he really loves owls!
Berry is one of the biggest sweethearts you ever did meet! She is a variety streamer, that appreciates all games! Having grown up with an Atari and NES, Berry has been enjoying games for her whole life! Berry aspires to one day develop games, we can't wait to see what magic she makes! She values streaming, and uses it as a channel to speak with and connect with people. Come hang out soon, its a great time in Berry's streams!
The host of the TypeFun Experience. TypeFun is a variety streamer who wants anyone who joins in to feel welcomed and entertained. You'll see a lot of different games on the channel, but he is a huge fan of platformers, action games, and the occasional story driven or strategy game. Aside from streaming, Type loves playing music, and even has a rock band called Bonsai Trees. Come in and say hey, he wont bite!
Xelti is one of the most chill streamers around! You will definately have a really nice time hanging out with him! He does a lot of variety streaming. He loves to interact with his chat, so good conversations are abound! Xelti is also a wealth of knowledge, so you will always have something interesting to talk about. Some of his favorite games are MGS, Castlevania and Final Fantasy (series).
Sukrin prides himself in his chill morning streams, ones that you can just pop in and start your day with. He mainly enjoys playing indie games, and tries to play new releases all the time. You'll often see him check out a new roguelike as he can never grow tired of them. He also tries to throw in a co-op stardew valley stream into the mix with fellow resident, MarcFransen. When he's not streaming or working he loves to watch anime and sleep.
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