The founders and co-hosts of The Sleepy Chateau are PureSushi and QueenChelly! Together they brought everyone together to make one of the most cozy stream team on Twitch!

When PureSushi is not being a co-host of The Sleepy Chateau, he is the host of his world famous Comedy Hour! A show that's focused on all things horror. Because he heavily prioritizes chat interaction and community, he may not be the most focused on the games he plays but you'll have a good time no matter what! When he's not streaming he loves to play the bass and is studying to become an Environmental Scientist.
When QueenChelly is not co-hosting The Sleepy Chateau she's streaming! Chelly's streams are always a blast and you'll be quick to notice she's always accompanied by her lovely co-host, Ellie! Chelly loves to play all kinds of games but you'll frequently see her journey through games from her childhood. Because of this Chelly gets to spend lots of time talking to everyone watching. When she's not streaming she's either caring for pets or listening to music and treating her orchids to some TLC.